17 September, 2001


Volumne 1, Issue 1


Dr. Bill Dougherty is Main Speaker at Graduation

"Carrying out the World's 
Greatest Task"
By  Alice and Indira

  Bill Dougherty and his wife, Joy have three children and four grandchildren. Joy is a well known speaker. She has been faithfully serving the Lord. The children also serve the Lord.

  Dr. Dougherty was saved as a teenager and graduated from the Baptist Bible College of Springfield in 1963. For eight years he served as the youth director and staff member of four churches. In 1971 he accepted the call to his first of five pastorates in Texas. Since 1990 he has led the First Coast Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, which happens to be the church he was saved in. During his ministry there, the church has grown  to 460. The church supports many 

missionaries and has 640 students enrolled in their Christian day school.

  Bill has also served the B.B.F.I. In various capacities on the state and national level, including the missions committee.  He is currently serving as the second vice president of the B.B.F.I. He is also a trustee of the Baptist Bible College.

  Don Bowles said about his friend, "Bill has a big heart for missions and souls and is not afraid to speak the truth." His life goal is to help win the world to Christ.

  God has worked tremendously in his life. He is making a difference in his country, his church, and his school. He is a living testimony of God's working through a life that is totally surrendered to Him.

   Henry Varley said, "The world has yet to see what God can do with, for, through, and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him."

  Dr. Dougherty has made this statement the theme of his life.

A man with the cross on his heart!

BBFZ Is Growing!

By Barbara, Edith and Kim

  Grace was started in 1994.  Pastor Honeson reports they are growing in number and spirit, averaging 150, depening on how many go for soul winning and visitation.

  Emmanuel Mwansa started coming to the church when it began underneath a mango tree. Since then he has been active and even helped with their building.

  Their vision is to reach the lost world by preaching and fulfilling the great 

commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and  establishing other churches.

John Riggs worked with this church and was responsible for assisting them with a new building. John and Marcia serve the Lord in Ndola with their daughter, Sarah.

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