17 September, 2001


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New Testament Baptist Church , Ndola

Deaf Choir

  Missionary Robert Horn was formerly a missionary in Congo D.R. and is presently working in Ndola with his wife, Patricia, and their son Daniel. Daniel works with the deaf ministry and Patricia has started English classes in several churches.

  Rev. Horn began New Testament Baptist Church in 1996 under a grass roof shelter with 8 people. They had people saved every Sunday for 3 years, with an average attendance of 95, and a high of 257.

Abby Chisenge, a faithful member of the church was saved in 1998, and has attended every service he could. God led him to walk 3 hours to a village and be- gin services. He now leads their Bible studies.

  This church's prayer is to see that God will call more young men into His harvest field and that they respond like Abby. They want to train men and women to serve God and then send them out to begin churches all over Zambia and the world.

Kim Howard Will Present the Choir on Tuesday

Kim Howard will be leading the deaf class in a musical performance on Tuesday evening. Kim has successfully taught some of the B.B.C. students sign language. They are excited about learning this new skill and enlarging their ministry. Sometimes the deaf are a forgotten group, but they need to "hear" the gospel too.

Temple Baptist, Mikomfwa
   Temple Baptist was declared as a church in September, 1997, Since that time their growth has been rapid, and many people have given their lives to the Lord.  The members try to be faithful in attendance, averaging 220.

The church has committed members with outstanding testimonies.  Regina

Gusha is one of those members.  She started coming to this church from its beginning.  She has been faithful serving God despite being in her 80's. She is an inspiration to many her age as well as to the young people.

The vision of this church is to see that they produce more faithful leaders who

will stand strong and firm for the truth. Daniel Bowles is the missionary/pastor who is working with this church.
 Faith Baptist Church, Roan
Their hope is to be on fire and to have a spirit of love and unity.

   Faith Baptist was the first B.B.F.Z. church started in Zambia and has been in existence for about 9 years. According to Pastor Kelvin Nsalange, "The growth has been good and we receive visitors every Sunday."

  The church has some committed and 

faithful members. One of those, George Muleba, a graduate of B.B.C. works together with Pastor Nsalange. He is Sunday School Superintendent and in charge of the preschool.  His determination to faithfully serve God has really helped a lot of people to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. He is a man of integrity, convictions, and principles. In addition to his other duties, George is also serving as an associate professor at B.B.C.  It is good to see men that have graduated have a burden to help train others that have given their lives to God to serve Him full time.

  The hope for Faith Baptist Church is to see that God continues to revive the hearts of the members to be on fire for Him, and revive the spirit of love and unity among the members.

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