17 September, 2001


  Page 4  -  Volume 1, Issue 1

Corner Chisokone and Kampindula Luanshya, Zambia


Intended to serve as a tool of inter-communication between the college and churches of the B.B.F.Z



The Baptist Bible College was founded in 1997 and exists for the purpose of training pastors and workers for Fundamental Baptist Churches.  It was begun with I I students from the Faith Baptist Church in Roan and one missionary son.  After 3 years of studies calculated to serve as preparatory for future ministries it was determined that a 4th year of curriculum should be added.  The year 2000 this group graduated along with 2 others who wished to receive a diploma after 3 years of study in order to prosecute full time ministries. The focus of the school has been to establish a strong doctrinal base along with practical training skills.  It is the aim of the administration for the school to become a fountain from which will come strong future leaders for the B.B.F.Z. Movement.

 Parents are Inspirational

Regina and Jackson

  Our parents played a big role in shaping our lives.  Fathers and mothers have different contributions towards the upbringing of children.  And the role of one parent cannot be played by the other.

  Raising children is not a simple task and it requires sacrifice to achieve good results.  Most women today are employed and have had to give up spending quantity time with their children.   Fathers often work long hours and are very tired when they arrive home.

So the children of today are in need of prayer and good care.  Sad to say, some don't receive it and are even abused.  A policeman from the Victim 






Support Department stated, "More than 90% of these tragic incidents occur in homes where children do not receive the love and protection that they deserve."

   There is no substitute for parental leader- ship. Fathers and Mothers need to play their roles no matter what the circum- stances. Children need instruction, love and discipline. (Deut. 6:7)

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