In this side of the world the school year begins in January, and so the 2009 year of the Baptist Bible College of Zambia has begun. The returning students seem glad to be back in classes and the new students are excited about learning. We do find that the high schools here are not doing as good a job of preparing young people for further learning as they were in the past. We may need to set up some tutoring classes. However, we are thankful for the 13 students God has given us to train for the ministry and for the faithful staff that present the material to them.
          We found it interesting that several of the students had received Christ in our Youth Camps. Organizing and running a youth camp is some of the hardest work as some of you know, but it can also be some of the most rewarding. We appreciate God’s blessings on our youth camps through your prayers.

          Sometimes when a church is progressing, there is a small group of people who begin to second-guess the pastor. Somehow they believe God has called them to direct him instead of supporting him as their shepherd. This is the case in one of our churches. The people doing this seem to have forgotten the faithful leadership he has given them and the ways in which he has been there for them when they have had need. It seems that some of the lay leaders think they can do a better job than the pastor about certain problems that arise. When their efforts fail to control him, they turn to slander and divisiveness. Then, without any thought of the seriousness of their actions, they attempt to start another church, little considering that they must have some kind of church authority to do so. Pray for this faithful pastor and his family as they weather this storm.

          It’s good to be back at Bethel Baptist Church; to see familiar faces as well as some new ones. Pastor Ken and Rev. Nsalange have done a good job of overseeing the church while we were gone, but they seem ready to have some new challenges. We do plan to have some seminars for the pastors and workers in our area to try and better equip them for the ministry. We want to show them how to improve their character traits so they in turn can help their people do the same.

          We have been waiting for Mona to feel better since her back fusion and it seems she has come to that place. Even though the recovery takes a full year, she is beginning to feel better than before the surgery, and she is now able to be more involved in the ministry here. Thank you for your abundant prayers; please continue to pray for her strength.
          As always, we are ever mindful of your faithfulness to us both in love and offerings. We marvel at the way you stand behind us and are extremely grateful for your solid support of us as your missionaries. We are appreciative of those of you who have increased your financial support in these difficult times. Truly, you all are our answer to prayer!

Don & Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

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