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Don thought it would be interesting to the ladies in our churches if I wrote a letter this month. Anyway, I'll do my best to share some things that I think might be interesting to those of you who have never visited Zambia.

The rains have been extreme this year and we see evidence of it in many places. When we open a new packet of salt, it is so damp that we have to dry it out in the oven before we can use it. During one storm the wind was strong and it blew lots of seeds from a little red-leafed tree I had planted. The excessive rain caused the seeds to sprout into little red trees in the grass and some of the flower beds. They had to be removed, of course. A friend helped me and lo and behold the next day the friend's face, eyes and feet were swollen. Little did I know I had planted a pretty, red poisonous tree! Thankfully, most of the rains are finished now and the sun has been shining for a few days. You step out the door first thing in the morning and breathe in the fresh air and your spirits get lifted and you begin to think you can conquer the world (well, maybe your own household).

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A lady we have known and loved for a long time lost her husband last week. His body was taken to the morgue and some family members washed and prepared it. There are no funeral homes as such here, so the home of the person who died is literally the "funeral home." The living room furniture is all moved outside for the men to sit on and the mattresses are put away. The women stay inside in the empty house mourning and grieving. Bonfires are built outside and a tent put up if one is available. Church choirs come at night and sing and dance around the fire and then someone preaches. People stay all night at least one night, sometimes more. As I cried, hugged and prayed

with my friend I thought of all the children in her family whose parents have died (mostly to AIDS) that she has adopted and taken care of. Certainly she will miss her husband, but I think her reward will be great. Mv friend needs your prayers as she tries to build a new life alone. 

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Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to witness to a lady I have known for a few years. She wasn't ready to receive Christ, but she said she would think about what I said 'over and over.' Please pray that the Word of God will bear fruit in W.H.'s life.

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Thank you sincerely for your financial support that makes it possible for us to work here in Zambia. We left Congo in 1992 and have now been here for almost 16 years. We have seen four churches started and a Bible College begun to train national workers. May we be faithful stewards of what you and God have entrusted to us. Truly we are laborers together in His vineyard.

My love to you all,
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Don & Mona
P.O. Box 90920

Luanshya, Zambia
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