"I don't understand the Bible"
      While we visited Doreen, she wept as she told us about first losing her husband and then her teenage daughter. She assured us she was a believer, and she began to attend our church regularly. However, while teaching a soul winning plan in Sunday School she shocked us. We encouraged everyone to make sure they had a salvation testimony to share with those they would visit. In order to help them in this area we asked what change took place after they were born again. When it was Doreen's turn she said, "There has been no change in my life, and I don't read nor understand the Bible." Her Sunday School teacher promptly used the soul winning plan with her and she called on Christ. That incident reminded us all to be sure people we visit are placing their faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.  

She hath done what she could . . .
After the offering was taken recently, the treasurer approached me and asked what should be done with a bag of beans someone had given. I didn't hesitate, "Give them to Bro. N. He is able to eat only one meal a day now." The lady who gave the beans is a widow and she reminded us of the woman in the Bible who did what she could.

Zambian Economy
I don't usually include this kind of information in our prayer letter, but I was reading in the most recent Baptist Bible Tribune concerning the economy around the world and decided I would share our experience economically. Here in Zambia we have suffered greatly because of the very poor situation that has been the norm for the Zambian people over the past 15 years. We have seen them suffer unbelievably because there are almost no jobs for

them and prices continue to rise. This has failed to hinder us greatly until this year. This is true mainly because of the exchange rate between the dollar and the local currency - the kwacha. In the last 2 1/2 months our exchange has dropped 15%, while prices have continued to rise. For example, gasoline is now $8.55 per gallon and it is not only fuel that has gone up so unreasonably. Our grocery bill is almost 30% more than it was a year ago. One other item that all of this affects is the financial help that people expect from us. We have so much more than they do, they believe we can afford to loan them large amounts of money. The situation is really serious and we definitely need your prayer and assistance

. . . our faithful partners
We realize that the economy in America is also in bad shape. So, we don't want to pressure you unreasonably because we realize that your support to us already requires great sacrifice on the part of many. Please be aware that we understand your situation and pray for you as you pray for us. Thanks for being our faithful partners in the great endeavor that God has given us.

Don & Mona
P.O. Box 90920

Luanshya, Zambia
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