June - July 2009

Bethel Baptist Mission in Kaniki
          A few years ago a young man, named Max Mulenga, joined our church and enrolled in Bible College. He was in business and doing fairly well. He put all his effort into his business and it succeeded. He then moved to a bigger city in order to do even better. After about a year he returned to Luanshya and told us he was unhappy in spite of his success, and he believed God wanted him to pastor. He was convinced that this was the only way he could find true happiness. So, after research and prayer he told me he wanted to start a mission in a community near Luanshya. He made his desire known to the church, stating that “If the Great Commission is a command, disregarding it is disobedience.” They agreed that we should send him out as a missionary from our church. With their blessings he moved into the community that he was burdened for and began “Bethel Baptist Mission of Kaniki.” His last report was that he was visiting and that things were going well. Pray for Max in his desire to spread the gospel.

Successful Pastors & Workers Seminar
      On May 19-23 we held our annual Pastors and Workers Seminar. This year we made a different approach than we ever had in the past. We had been praying for a revival among our workers. A supporting

church sent us some material on Christian character traits, which we were very impressed with and decided to use it for a series of lessons that covered four days. Mona prepared the material along with a power point presentation. She and two men we have trained taught about six hours each day. (They let me run the projector!) Normally that would have worn everyone out, but they enjoyed it so much they didn’t mind. At the close we asked for testimonies and one pastor said, “This has been like a revival for us. If I had known some of these things earlier, I would have done differently.” The pastors decided to present these principles in their Sunday Schools with the goal of showing their people the ways to bring about change and growth. So, thanks to that church’s vision and the hard work by the teachers, the seminar was successful.

We couldn’t do it without your help
Thanks for your part in making this progress in the work here in Zambia a reality. This kind of response is what we’re looking for. It is absolutely essential that the people learn for themselves that they can learn new ways to do God’s work. To see them excited about a new approach is very rewarding. We’re looking forward to the future and seeing them put We certainly couldn’t do it without your help. May your cup run over with blessings from your obedience to the command to declare the gospel to all nations.

Together In Christ,

Don and Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

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