July - September 2009

Pray for Don
     We’d like to bring you up to date concerning our most recent schedule. I hadn’t planned to return to the States so early, but I was advised by a doctor to have corrective surgery in order to remove scar tissue from a previous operation when the same symptoms began to recur. I’m still having some problems, but the surgeon has advised me to be patient and thinks I will be able to return to Zambia by November. So, I would appreciate your prayers.

Exciting Block-making Project
     My son, Daniel, who is also a missionary to Zambia, and I have our own ministries, but we co-operate in the operation of the Bible College in Luanshya. For some time we have been concerned about it becoming a self-sustaining work. We believe we have found a possible answer. A company in South Africa is manufacturing a machine which makes interlocking blocks from soil and cement. The great part is that once a foundation is laid, no more mortar is needed with these blocks.
     Sometime back Daniel put up the steel frame and roof for his main church building. The building is over 11,000 square feet and will house an auditorium, which will seat 500 plus adequate Sunday School classrooms. The location is excellent for the city of Luanshya, and we believe it will easily be filled once it is finished. I’ve calculated that it will require over 23,000 blocks to do the walls of this building. Therefore, the machine we’re considering will cut the expenses considerably.
     We think that once our men are familiar with the machine and are able to produce blocks with it we can set up a program to operate it on school property. The funds from the sale of the blocks will go directly into the Bible

College ministry. This will enable us to give the teachers a more adequate salary, plus providing jobs for the students who are willing and able to work.
     As you can imagine, we are quite excited about this possibility. Daniel and I are each working to raise funds for this project. Please pray with us about it.

Productive Youth Camp
     In the meantime, we have received a report from Dan that he and his wife and the teachers and students at BBCZ planned and executed a Youth Camp on the school property. One hundred twenty-three (123) met and enjoyed a productive and fun-filled week. One of our missionaries from Lusaka did the preaching and 15 people were saved along with other decisions. We are rejoicing with them over their success.

     “Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness; being enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.”
2 Cor. 9:10

Together In Christ,

Don and Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

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