We have been patiently teaching a soul winning program to our church and two weeks ago we organized teams of three. Last week 18 people went out to witness in our community. When they returned for a report they had led two souls to Christ and several had promised to come to church. This was definitely a good kick-off! They are excited about not only telling others what Christ did for them, but what He wants to do for the person they are visiting. Evangelism is exploding at Bethel Baptist Church!

     Temple Baptist Mission, begun by our son Daniel, hosted a fellowship meeting for the pastors. Johnathan Ngona preached from Jeremiah 20 and reminded us how discouraged Jeremiah had been when they placed him in the stocks and he vowed not to speak of God again. …But God’s Word burned in his heart and he couldn’t help himself. His main point was in verse 11, “But the Lord is with me…”, thus encouraging us that God is certainly with us and we should continue to speak of Him faithfully no matter what. Jonathan is a pastor-in-training and will ultimately become the pastor of that church. (The Pastors’ children especially enjoyed the cupcakes!)

      Pastor Kaonga’s daughter sends a silent a message,
                         “Don’t touch my cupcake!”

         Two and a half months ago Everlyn Nsalange was having extensions sewn into her hair, and the lady broke the needle she was using. A piece about a quarter of an inch long entered her head and it has been causing her a tremendous amount of pain. She has had three x-rays taken and it only showed up on one of them. Dr. Simutowe recommends that she go to another city to get a CT scan done, hoping that will show where the needle is located. Please join us in prayer for her. Evelyn is a vital part of her husband’s ministry at Faith Baptist and of our fellowship.
          Also, a cardiologist just tested Pastor Ken’s wife, Indira, to see if she had Takayasu, discovered by a Japanese doctor. This is a condition where a person can have high and low blood pressure in different parts of the body at the same time causing inflammation in the arteries. Normally it is fatal. Thankfully, she has a minor case. She too, is invaluable to the work here.

       Thanks for making this report possible. Without your help we could not be here in Zambia representing you. We are thankful to be an extension of your ministry to the Zambian people. May we each continue to bear fruit that Christ may be glorified. Please pray for our health and for wisdom to discern God’s will in this work that God has called us to.

Don & Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia
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