October - November 2009

The four churches that YOU have partnered with us in starting, Grace Baptist of Chingola, Faith Baptist in Roan, Central Baptist of Fisenge, and Bethel Baptist of Luanshya, send good reports. They chose to study “Practicing Godly Character Traits in Our Lives” for this year’s Bible Study. They tell us, “People are learning how to better apply such qualities as becoming more bold, increasing gentleness, and showing more forgiveness to their brothers and sisters in Christ.” Pastors Nsalange, Mutale, Shimishi, and Mebewe are pleased that they can see some progress in the lives of their people.

Pastor Shimishi Pastors Mutale, Nsalange & Bowles Pastor Ken Mbewe

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Prayer Needs
Our goals for the coming year are: (1) to witness to everyone we come in contact with, and (2) to diligently teach the churches we are responsible for to tithe and support themselves. We would really like to see our churches totally self-sustaining. Would you pray with us about these personal goals.

Don’s medical procedure that he had done has been beneficial. Thanks so much for your prayers in his behalf. The doctor should clear him to return to Zambia in 3-4 weeks. Also, Mona’s physical therapy has strengthened her muscles to help support the back fusion. She had a lens implant and that went fantastically well. Modern medicine is amazing. Thanks so much for your prayers regarding our health needs.

We deeply appreciate your loving and faithful support. We could not serve God in Zambia without your help. Thank you for partnering together with us in Africa. May much fruit abound to your account.

Together In Christ,

Don and Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

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