In our last letter we gave a detailed report concerning Mona’s back fusion surgery, which took place in September. At this time we would like to bring you up to date. All the reports and evidence have been good. We were told the recuperation process could take six months. She has completed three of those, and we’re happy to report that she is doing well. We have every reason to believe that this operation is going to prove to be worth the time and effort.
          The surgeon has approved our projected return to Zambia on January 8, for which we are thankful. We knew this furlough would be a medical one, but I thought it would still be possible to report to churches. However, it hasn’t worked out that way due to doctor’s visits and therapy; I haven’t been free to travel during this time because it has been necessary for me to be here to care for my wife and take her to the doctor.
It has been possible for us to be away during the break, but it’s important for us to return for the new school year. We’ve had a report that we should have some new students for the upcoming year, but please pray that God will give us a good number in the first year class.
          One thing I’m very thankful for is that we could be gone for this length of time and leave things in the hands of the Zambian workers. I hope you can rejoice with us about the growth and maturity of those we’ve been training with the idea in mind that one day they would become the leaders. I believe we are getting closer to that time.

          It seems fitting at this time to thank you for making us your missionaries to Zambia. We first came to Africa in 1989 and we thought we would be remaining in Zaire (Congo). When it seemed impractical, due to the wars, we found an open door in Zambia in 1992. At that time we were the only Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries working there. My son and his family joined us in 1993 and has worked side by side with us and established a ministry of his own, as well. One of the things we have done together is to establish and operate the Baptist Bible College of Zambia. This was begun in 1997 and continues today. In the ensuing years others have come and established churches in various parts of the country. So, besides being responsible for the building of four churches ourselves we have trained workers for several other churches. In this way we have made every effort to establish a meaningful and fruitful ministry there. You’ll rejoice with us that 23 of our graduates are presently working in or pastoring churches. We’re including pictures of four of the pastors below.

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