February - March 2010

Gathered a crowd
         Last Friday was a national holiday and the Bible College students wanted to do something since there were no classes. So, they were taken to a certain area and set up a flannel board. The children began to gather. There must have been two or three hundred. First they played games with the kids and then it was time for the Bible story. The teacher held them spellbound with the old, old story. Many seeds were planted that day.

Salty Butter Pecan
          It was one of those days. There was some kind of flu bug going around that left you feeling like you didn’t have enough strength to wring out a dish cloth. Still, our son had just had a very dear worker leave, and he was grieving. I overheard him say, “You know, I don’t really miss anything from America, but I do have a taste for some good ole butter pecan ice cream.”
          Even though I felt weak as a kitten I thought, I could just whip up some ’good ole butter pecan ice cream’ and that might make him feel better. It must have taken me an hour or two in my pathetic state, but finally the mixture was ready for the freezer. Albert, our day guard, had churned for us many times so I wasn’t worried. But I should have been! I opened the container and began to dip out the ice cream. Were my taste buds correct? Salt!! Maybe it’s just on the top. So I dug down to the bottom. Yes, the whole gallon was a new flavor, ’Salty Butter Pecan.’
          How can I fix this? Well I couldn’t, but with my trusty old strainer I managed to save the American pecans, tucking them into the fridge for another try. After some thought on the situation, I realized you can’t fix hearts with butter pecan ice cream; Phil. 4:6-7 does a much better job.

Celebrating 25 years
The first time we met Kelvin and Evelyn we knew there was something different about them. They were happy and visited the altar frequently for prayer and dedication. Don asked Kelvin several times if God was calling him into the ministry, but he always said, “No” until he had an accident in the copper mines. During the period of recuperation he had time to think and decided God was calling him to preach.
          After pastoring Faith Baptist for five years, Don asked the church if they wanted to call Kelvin as their pastor. They did and that couple has continued to be faithful even in the light of severe personal and ministry trials.
          Because of appreciation of the couple’s faithfulness, it was decided they needed a special celebration for their 25th wedding anniversary. Due to the high incidence of AIDS, not too many couples even make it that far. The ladies were determined to make it a surprise and they most certainly did. It’s hard to convey the happiness everyone experienced on that day, but it was wonderful to see what God had done in their lives.

Together in Christ,

Don and Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

                    Thanks for lavishing the love of God on us and our Zambian friends!

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