December 2009 - January 2010

Our friend gave his wardrobe for a coffin
Wilson’s four year old grandson died and he didn’t know what he would do! He thought, ‘We don’t have any money to bury him. In the past when we didn’t have food, I read my Bible and prayed and before the day was over God gave me something, so I will do the same thing this time.’ A truck was needed to take the body to the cemetery, a friend volunteered his vehicle. A driver was required, one was found, but he didn’t have any license. Wilson said, “Don’t worry, God will protect us from the police,” which He did. A casket was needed, he sacrificed his clothes cupboard. He said, “I will just hang my clothes on a wire.” There was no food for the meal following the burial, but the people that came to his house each brought something. Wilson admonished all the people present at the funeral to learn to trust God. He told them, “With God nothing is impossible!”

“I need pictures”
A needy pastor from another African country came to visit last week. We enjoyed catching up on each other’s news, and then we asked him if he needed food or clothes. He promptly replied, “Food.” We knew he was in charge of a Bible College that we started and needed teaching material, so we gave him some. When we asked about his church he said, “I need pictures for the children.” Most of you are able to obtain modern material for your Sunday Schools, and we’re glad you can do that. However, we’re still in the flannelgraph mode here. We brought out some pictures and asked our friend if he had ever seen those before. He said, “No.” Our daughter-in-law volunteered a set she had and we gave him the last set we had. He was thrilled beyond words. So, he left with money for food, teaching material for the students and flannelgraph pictures for the children.
George and Tendai
Struck down, but not out
We visited Grace Baptist Church in Chingola and were pleasantly surprised. Their attendance was up and the spirit of the church was good. There was excitement among the people. We feel this church is going the right direction. However, last week the Pastor and his wife, George and Tendai, were sorely tried. Their daytime babysitter ran off with all of Tendai’s best clothes and George’s cell phone. So, they were ‘struck down, but not out’. Remember them in prayer that God will replace what they have lost.

Our hearts were humbled
Our hearts were truly humbled as we read our report from the Missions’ Office this month. We were thankful for those of you that gave specifically to our special needs. As we pictured each church in our minds, giving and praying for us, we were grateful that God burdened your hearts to help in this work God has called us to.

Together in Christ,

Don and Mona
P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia 

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