July-August 2011

Unwelcome guest
Last week Mona was hosting a Bible study. Before the ladies arrived she spotted a black lizard about 6-8 inches long sunning itself on the back of one of the living room chairs. She tried to kill it, but wasn’t fast enough. When the last lady arrived she selected that same chair. Mona was moving the chair so the guest could see well and lo and behold, there was the lizard again! She informed the lady, thinking she would be frightened, but she simply said, “Oh, it’s a black one. That’s okay. It’s the clear ones I don’t like.” Mona hit the lizard, but again he was too fast for her. He must have stayed for the Bible study, but he was certainly not welcome.

Official members
When Ben and Kasonde (Kasonday) first started Bible College this year we were impressed with their eagerness to learn. They were full of questions. We were certain of their salvation, however they had never been baptized. We taught and waited and taught and waited. When approached very directly, Ben said he wanted to wait until he graduated and was ready to start his ministry like Jesus did. “I suppose you want to be baptized in the Jordan River too?” His answer was, “That would be nice too.” This time there was no waiting. The young men were finally baptized and are now official members of Bethel Baptist Church!

We couldn’t do it without you
Last Sunday I decided to visit the folks at Faith Baptist Church in Roan Township. I preached at this church for five years when I first came to Zambia so we think a lot of Pastor Kelvin, his wife, Evelyn and all the church family. They experienced a church split last year so we were happy to see new men, ladies and young people, some good signs of rebuilding. Anyway, our hearts were thrilled when three of the pastor’s children sang a beautiful song and his son prayed just before the message. We remember these young people when they were just toddlers.
Thank you for making it possible for us to minister in Zambia and reach and train this family for the Lord. We couldn’t do it without you! May God bless you for your faithfulness and your part in this ministry..

Don & Mona Bowles

P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia

Thanks for lavishing the love of God on us and our Zambian friends!

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