September-October 2011

A first for BBCZ!
The Baptist Bible College of Zambia Graduation Fellowship is always a high spot in the year for us. Don was able to attend the whole meeting and he reported a good time of fellowship in conjunction with the graduation. There were 4 four-year graduates and 2 three-year graduates. Needless to say, they were all very excited about their achievements, as were their families and friends. For us, a big highlight was the fact that for the very first time the school was able to fund the expenses for the meeting. All four of our churches are becoming more self sustaining all the time.

            At times in the life of a church we face difficult situations such as the following event.  In one such case Elizabeth Mubanga had been a church member for several years.  Her work situation improved when she got a good job, plus living quarters which were fixed up especially with her in mind.  She lied to the owners about moving into the small house alone.  Instead, she brought a man who was a drinker.  Upon questioning she disclosed that she had been living with him for seven years.  She refused to repent of her actions and so the church had no choice but to vote to remove her from the membership. Those of us who knew Elizabeth felt “heartbroken” over the outcome, but the church was confident they had treated her in a Biblical way.

Health Issues
Don has been having some stomach problems, but thankfully tests  showed that it was nothing serious.  The cause seemed to be his trip to Zambia and the extremely dry weather which they are experiencing now. Please keep him in prayer concerning his health needs.

            After physical therapy for her back, Mona is feeling much better.  The doctor thought her back muscles had become weak and she  needed to  make them stronger.  She is also working on following up on exercises at home now.

Thankful hearts,
As we think of each of you that help to support us financially and prayerfully, we are grateful for the fact that God has led you to do so. All it would take is one visit to Zambia for you to see what God has done in our ministry here. May God richly bless you as you contribute what God has laid on your hearts to give and to do for us. Our hearts are truly thankful for each of you!

Don & Mona Bowles

P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia 

Thanks for lavishing the love of God on us and our Zambian friends!

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