August 2012

Dear Friends,

Our logo has always been as you see it here, "When you see the bowls on the table, pray for th Bowles in Zambia.  Never has there been a time when we needed more prayer than we do right now.  You might ask, "How do you need prayer?"  We believe an informed people can do a much better job of taking our needs to the throne of grase so here are some big needs for us:

  1. Health
    With the recent move of our home base and all that move has involved, we have had to make new contacts and appointments with doctors.  All of this has cost us more time than we would like, but we have no control over most of it.  When we return to the States this time we knew that we had several health issues, and at the present (1) Mona is scheduled to have a CT mylogram scan done to see what is causing pain in her right leg.  We suspect the surgeon will probably have to remove some scar tissue in her back.  (2)  The x-rays show that I have bone touching bone in my back as well as both knees, and because of the stent that was put in my heart last January, the doctors here in Florida won't do any surgery for five more months.  So, we are both experiencing quite a bit of physical pain.
  2. Opposition
    Another missionary has made unfounded accusations concerning our son, Daniel, who also works with us in Zambia.  The methods used to prove rumors circulated have not only wounded us and Dan's wife, but several nationals as well.  According to Matthew 18, that scriptural method was not used to deal with what was thought to be a problem and this has caused a lot of distress for many of us.  Please pray for a scriptural resolution,
  3. Graduation
    We're looking forward to the eleventh graduation for the Baptist Bible College of Zambia.  This will take place on September 16th and Rev. Ray Brinson from Missouri will be the speaker.  I invited him several moths ago, and for a while we worried that he couldn't make the trip becuase of a health problem, but he has been cleared for the trip.  Pray for us as we trvel together and that God will be glorified in this meeting.

We appreciate your faithful and continued support.  We will notify you when thise prayer request are answered.  God bless and keep you all.

Don & Mona Bowles

P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia 

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