November-December 2012

Dear Friends,


God’s Provision--Substitution
In our home at this time of year we try to focus on the greatest miracle God ever performed. It was providing redemption for mankind. He did this through His son, Jesus, because of His great love for us. It is overwhelming to think that he willingly became a man and died as a man. “For He hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” We’ve always taught and believed that Christmas embraces all of this. Think about it. It’s actually the greatest miracle of all time. This was substitution!

Man’s Provision--Communication
Science has produced a great number of miraculous achievements and one of them is the ability to communicate around the world in an instant. In Zambia the school year begins in January, so in December our son, Daniel, hosts an annual meeting for the teachers of the Baptist Bible College of Zambia, as well as other pastors and workers, to encourage, challenge, and to help prepare them spiritually for the coming year. Thanks to modern technology we were able to participate in the meeting this week visually and to bring them a fresh challenge from the Word of God. They were excited and appreciated our participation and are looking forward to our return in a few months. This was communication! 

Medical Provision--Intervention
We never cease to be amazed that doctors are able to detect and correct our physical problems. Even though we complain about the time we have to spend visiting and consulting it is marvelous to experience the results. There are many good things to report for both of us. Mona is recovering well from a new back-fusion and I’m being prepared for a similar one, and after my recovery we will return to Zambia. This is intervention!

Your Provision--Vision
Each month as we receive our report of the support that comes from you, we are moved by the demonstration of your love and confidence in us. We are still convinced that God has work for us to do in Zambia. In our recent contact mentioned above that burden and desire has only increased. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance as we teach and advise the churches and the Bible College in Zambia. Your involvement is vital to the future of this work. This is vision!

Your VISION is like the rainbow created by
 the spray at Victoria Falls

Don & Mona Bowles 
Your missionaries to Zambia

P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia 

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