May-June 2013

Dear Friends,

We are truly sorry for not writing last month, but there were extenuating circumstances. The surgeon was able to schedule me for back surgery on April 11. As you can imagine, there were tests and preparations to be made. The orthopedist did a three-level laminectomy and a one-level fusion on my back. The surgery went fine. After the hospital stay I was in rehab for a short time for exercise and treatment. I’ve done extremely well since then, according to the doctors. We appreciate your patience and prayers during this time. We serve a wonderful God!

“Our meeting was no accident”
While in rehab the Lord gave me an opportunity to meet a man who was in very bad condition due to a fall shortly after back surgery. He wasn’t able to take any food by mouth nor could he talk when we first became room mates. They had to move him to the hospital, and when he returned he was able to talk. All I knew to do was to encourage him. I knew he appreciated it when he asked me to pray during the visit of some grieving relatives. He has thanked God repeatedly for our meeting and the things I said to him, and that “our meeting was no accident.” I have returned to visit him and am praying for Sam’s spiritual growth.

Churches report
Our churches in Zambia are experiencing growth and in some cases rebuilding. (1) From January to March Faith Baptist reports an increase of 50% in their attendance and 10 professions of faith. (2) Central Baptist (this church has men leaving for work frequently) reports an average attendance of 38 for the same period with 5 salvations. (3) Bethel Baptist reports 70 professions of faith for 2012, but they have been disappointed on the follow-through of these decisions. In the case of a very depressed economical society it is not always easy for people to put God first and to trust Him, although that’s the very thing they need to do.

God willing, we plan to return to Zambia in July or August. There are still a few issues to be resolved, but with God’s help and your prayers we have confidence they will be. Our hearts are very grateful for your interest and commitment to the ministry God has given us in Zambia. May we continue to exalt His name together as we each serve Him in the place to which He has called us.

Don & Mona Bowles 
Your missionaries to Zambia

P.O. Box 90920
Luanshya, Zambia 

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