Spring 2006

Believers' Baptism - Fall 2006

In October several new Christians followed the Lord in believers’ baptism.

Here are a few pictures of their baptism.

(We had a special two weeks the end of October when a TEAM from our sending church came out.

We will post pictures of their trip and “travail” on a special thread designed for their activities.)

Nestor OUÉDRAOGO ; was saved this summer, and is now in the Institute.

Daniel BORO ; was saved in July. He recently moved to Pissy and

is eagerly awaiting our commencement there.

Bénoit KABORÉ ; was saved in Boulwando, moved into Ouaga to continue his studies,

and has started assisting the Institute as a part time student with the hopes of becoming

a full time student next semester.

Germane OUÉDRAOGO ; was saved last March, and has been having difficulties with her decision to be baptized, but overcame those difficulties and united with us by baptism.

Our daughter Rachel, with the assistance of Eric, one of our Institute students, has been actively working with the young children for some time.  Her efforts are being rewarded with an increased attendance among the children. Here are a few pictures of her work each Sunday morning.

Church services in the main auditorium

The small garage which has been turned into a junior church that is overflowing

almost every week.

Many of the neighborhood mothers sit outside while their children are in the junior church.

Coloring pictures that follow the Bible study is a very exciting time for the children.