January 2005

Sunday morning, February 13, 2005, the Fundamental Baptist Church of Dassasgo, held its second baptism with five people following the Lord in believers' baptism.

Following the morning services, we packed into our Pajero to travel to a

neighbors house to use his pool for the baptism

Observing those being baptized.

The adults sat around the inside table or around the living room enjoying one another's fellowship such as Adjaratou and Paul are doing here in the living room


Mary and Kadi, the young lady who helps in our home who prepared the meal,

serving the main dish.


After dinner the children played soccer in the yard while the adults discussed the Bible.

The children sitting around the table

 enjoying the great meal.

Rachel helped with the little children by

 entertaining them, like Cedric here.



The new baptized members of Fundamental

 Baptist Church of Dassasgo