Easter Service - March 27, 2005

This Easter Sunday we had a great resurrection celebration in our Dassasgo mission work.  We also had several firsts today.  Abdoulaye ZÉBRÉ, a recent convert, assisted in his first services by doing the Scripture reading.  Several of our children were participating in our first faithfulness program where if they would remain faithful for eight weeks they would receive a Bible.  Seven of our children were the first to complete their final week this Sunday and will be receiving a Bible.

Mother's Day

May 2005

After the service our Sunday School children, along with the adults, came to our house for another grand feast.  There several of the children participated in their first ever Easter egg hunt.  Several of the adults also participated in some American games for the first time as our children taught them Uno

Adjaratou brought her four sisters to the services.  After the services her sister, Bibiata, a young fifteen year old who does not speak French well, received Christ as her Savior.  Praise the Lord!  Here are a few pictures of our Easter celebration.

Ghislain taking up the morning offerings

Mary leading Bibiata to the Lord, with

 Alexis translating into Mooré

Our Sunday School class with Vincent, who is assisting Mary in the Sunday School teachings

Yves reciting his Scripture memory verse

At our house preparing to pray for a great meal

Adjaratou helping  the children getting the food

Beka, Caleb and Rachel teaching Uno

 to several of our members

Beka teaching Uno to Alexis, Vincent, Adama

and Abdoulaye while they were

eating their “sauce arachide”

Mary preparing to hide the Easter

 eggs around our yard

Hannah guarding the children on the other side of the house as Mary hid the eggs

The children commencing to

 seek after their bounty

Pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt

Pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt

Pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt

Our Services

Abdoulaye reading the Scriptures

Alexis leading the congregational singing