Soccer Tourney - May 01, 2007

We had been praying about starting something in Tanghin for several months. Several of our families in Boulwando have family living in Tanghin. Several of those family members have made professions of faith in our Boulwando work. Dominike has visited Tanghin several times and has led six people to the Lord through his visitation efforts. This last summer two men approached Dominike in Boulwando about the need to have a church started in Tanghin. With all of these manifestations of need, we sought the Lord’s will and began to pursue the opportunities there; seeking an open door.

Abel COMPAORÉ, the brother of Santale, and the brother-in-law of Harouna, wanted to have a church started and opened up his home for the new work. Dominike met with the local Naba who graciously granted us the opportunity to start a church in his village, but wanted us to have some land other than Abel’s house. He also would not officially give us permission until he met the missionary.

Two weeks ago we visited with the Naba at his home. He again assured us of his joy in having someone interested in his village. Unfortunately the harvest season has not ended and they could not offer us any land at this time. He volunteered his home as a meeting place until we could secure some land, but we hesitated. Sensing our hesitation he offered us the choice of two areas close to his house. We checked out the two locations and decided the one directly across from his house, next to the local well, would be a great place to start. We announced our intention to have our first services on November 13, 2005 under the trees across from the Naba’s house.

We did not consider the national elections were to be held that very day. Nor did we realize that the polling place would be the Naba’s house. As we began preparing for our first services we realized the great opportunity before us. Almost the entire village came out to vote and in so doing they came upon our services. Being inquisitive about the missionaries and the gathering crowd brought many people to see what was happening. Throughout the morning services we received a steady stream of visitors; between 100 and 150 people. Over sixty of those who came by stayed for the entire service.

Harouna led the singing with the help of Alexis. Alexis translated my message into Mooré. One young man, Adama TABSOBA responded to the gospel call and received Christ as his Savior.

Below are a few pictures of this very first church service in Tanghin.

As we started our services, I introduced our intentions for this new mission work. Of all of the needs, and there are many, many physical needs in this very poor village, we were seeking to meet their most important need; the necessity of having a  personal relationship

with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We had several trees around a big hole. We decided to use one of the banks of this big hole as

a sort of platform. Most of the children stood in the big hole while the adults stood, or sat, under

the remaining trees. In the middle picture off to the right in the orange (with white stripes) shirt and the light blue jeans is Adama who was saved this morning

As Harouna and Alexis led the singing Mary and I enjoyed sitting on our natural “church pew.” :)

We were really excited about this very first service here. Alexis will be assuming more and more responsibilities for this mission work as it progresses. Harouna will be assisting him while being trained in church planting. Please continue to pray for wisdom for this new work,

and for God’s blessings upon it.

Preaching on blind Bartimaeus

 with Alexis translating intoMooré.