Easter Services - April 9th, 2007

Monday morning, April 09, 2007, Missionary Randy SMITH along with the JOYCE’s and the HILLHOUSE’s visited the Fundamental Baptist Church of Boulwando and the Fundamental Baptist Church of Tanghin to celebrate Easter with each church. After the early services in Boulwando,

we drove back down to Tanghin, where Paul, Douninoma and Ferdinand

had already started the services. Here are a few pictures of the church services in Tanghin.

We built a small “hangar” to hold services in last November. The “hangar” sits on

the Naba’s property. The Naba had been very kind and encouraging to us even

before we started holding services over a year ago.

The “hangar” was packed out this morning.

Missionary Randy SMITH, was gracious enough to preach for us; preaching on

John 14 and the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ.

During the invitation, we asked for those sincerely interested in

salvation to come and take the hand of one of the young pastors.

Four people responded to the invitation.

Julienne BONKOUNGOU, the mother of Denis DIPAMA, was the first to leave her seat, come forward and take the hand of Paul.

The second person to come forward was Awa KABORÉ, who took the hand of David.

The third lady to come forward was Zoénabo DIPAMA, who came to rededicate her life and gain assurance of her salvation. Douninoma prayed and encouraged her.

With the invitation closing, Barthlemy KABORÉ, who came to our first services, came forward taking the hand of Eric.

Being an Easter tradition for us, Mary, with the help of Pam, handed out Easter eggs to all of those in attendance. It is not much, but these eggs were prepared and packed with love by our daughter Rachel, who packed over 450 eggs for the children of our three churches.

Caleb was popular; with several people wanting to have their photos taken with him.

Some of the young children

enjoying their Easter eggs.

Several of the young ladies and girls wanted to have their pictures with Beka.

The Naba, seated in the middle in the green, wanted to talk with us about the work there in Tanghin. He, along with the other men, asked for three things: (1) benches to sit on during the services (this morning we were allowed to use the benches from the local school), (2) a baptismal service, as several people are ready to follow the Lord in believers’ baptism and join the church, and (3) a means to learn Mooré so they can read the Bible for themselves.

The Naba along with two of the

 elders of the village

One special blessing we had this morning was the assistance of Ferdinand KABORÉ, a young, faithful man from the Dassasgo work, who has been having some difficulties in his life, yet has remained very faithful. He even participated in the services, by assisting in the invitation. He is a young man greatly in need of your prayers for his life.