IBFO Graduation - June 12, 2007

Four years ago, when the Fundamental Baptist Institute of Ouagadougou commenced, it seemed like it would be a long, long, long, way off before we would graduate our first students. These last four years seemed to pass by "trop vite" and on Tuesday evening, June 12, 2007, the Fundamental Baptist Institute of Ouagadougou graduated the first students in its history.


It was a great evening as we were assisted in celebrating the accomplishment of two students with family, friends, and other missionaries. Below are a few pictures of this great evening.

Before the services

With the joyful assistance of our children we started preparing for tonight's activities

the day before.

Both Beka and Rachel stayed up late into the night preparing two beautiful

cakes for our reception.

Led by Beka, several ladies decorated the church throughout the afternoon. Several people commented on how "great" the church was decorated. These young ladies did

a very good job.

Ethel, Pam HILLHOUSE's sister, and her friend, Rebecca, who recently came over for a summer visit with the HILLHOUSE's graciously assisted Beka and  Carissa with the decorations.

The Services

Our First Year

Student Photos


Fall Semester


Spring Semester


Student Photos


Fall Semester




Dominike and me

Mary is helping Dominike with his cap.

Mike opened the services

David and Ferdinand singing in Mooré

Augustin, Ghislain and Denis singing in Lyélé

Franck OUÉDRAOGO, since his return home, has been a huge blessing to us and  our people. Tonight Franck spoke about his conversion from a Muslim  background and his spiritual journey which took him from the diamond mines  of northern Côte d'Ivoire to a Bible Institute to teaching in that Institute after his studies.

My charge was simple and short;

2 Timothy 2:15.

Followed by the reception of diplomas

Dominike KONSIMBO : the first student to enter the Institute and the first  to graduate four years later. He was saved through the evangelistic  outreach in his village as we were commencing a mission church in his  village of Boulwando. He is the pastor of the Fundamental Baptist Church of  Boulwando, and has been acting as the pastor for almost two full years.

Ghislain NAGALO : raised as a orphan near Koudougou. He was saved through  the witnessing of National Pastor/Missionary André BAZIE. He attended  another Institute in Kyon in his mother tongue, Lyélé for three years before  enrolling at I.B.F.O. three years ago. His desire is to be a missionary somewhere in West Africa.



The Reception

Our daughters, Beka and Rachel, again helped out tremendously by serving

during the reception.

As is normally the case, our children, greatly assisted in our celebrations

David, Adjaratou, Ghislain, Kadi, Germane

Mike and Douninoma

Benoît, Eric, Denis, Ferdinand, Augustin

Thank you!

Mary and I waited four years to see spiritual fruit of our ministry with the Institute. It was an emotional time for us, as we see the hand of God upon this Institute and especially upon

His servants here in Burkina Faso.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this vineyard of our Lord's.

The students of I.B.F.O., being led by Ferdinand, singing in French

The two graduates with their two full time professors; André BAZIE and me.

Sita, Timothée's wife

The refreshment line