Ghislain NAGALO leading the singing.


Listening to the prédication (sermon) during the Sunday morning services.


Noël BADO taking up the morning offerings

 with the assistance of one of our young children, Yves.

Mary listening to the children recite their memory verses for the week in Junior Church.

Our children listening to the lesson

 in Junior Church.

From right to left; Vincent BADO, Paul KABORE, Caleb, Ghislain NAGALO, Dominike KONSIMBO.  Paul was recently saved through our "Gagner des âmes club" and is growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our children working on a special take home

 project during Junior Church


The start of our invitation after

 the prédication (sermon).


Our "assistants" praying

during the invitation.

The young preachers enjoying the fellowship after the services. Off to the right is Adjaratou YAMEOGO, a young lady who began "assisting" our services last month.


Greetings after the services outside the entrance

 into our second story room.

After the services, those who stayed late asked for a group photo.  Here we are rejoicing in God's blessings upon our small mission work in Ouagadougou.