Soccer - Baptism - Fellowship  -  June 02, 2007

After our last visit to Tanghin for Easter services, several of the men along with the Naba asked us for three things; benches for the services, have a baptism service and an opportunity

for someone to teach them how to read and write Mooré.

Seeking a way to fulfill these needs brought us to today's events.

With water being a scarcity in Tanghin, we felt it would be best to have a special day in Boulwando where both churches could come together for some fun, food, and fellowship. During these festivities we could hold our baptismal services for Tanghin with the facilities in Boulwando.

After loading up the car rack on Mike's truck with our benches and our chalk board,

we headed out to Boulwando for our rendezvous.

Mary and our daughters also used this opportunity to bring some needed clothing to the village. They attempted to help everyone find something  suitable for them and their children.

Here are a few pictures of them enjoying their labor.

One of the drawing cards has always been soccer matches. In a constant attempt to build camaraderie between our sister churches we like to host  friendly soccer matches. This morning Tanghin made the seventeen kilometer \trip by bicycle and by foot.

After a long, hard fought battle, Boulwando, prevailed with a 4-3 victory

over the visiting team from Tanghin.

Team Boulwando

Team Tanghin

Mary and the girls found some shade under a large tree, that was, unfortunately,

 still in the playing field.

After the soccer match we trekked back to the church for our special services.


After the services we again made our way back towards the school for a baptismal service. (I had thought we would be using the school's water basin, but we ended up using a pond shaped like a small, winding river.  Please read the "L'Actualité du jour" page on this date to read about this unique baptism, at least it was for me.)

Dominike, as the pastor of the church in Boulwando baptized six people from his church and I had the opportunity to baptize six more from the work in Tanghin; including Denis' wife,

Barthélemy, and the Naba's son.

Dominike had the privilege to baptize

his older brother.


Denis' wife

People were lined on both sides of the "river" with some industrious children

climbing a tree out over the water.

After a brief stop in Meguet to bid farewell to the Naba there we headed back home to Ouaga,  rejoicing in the Lord's blessings upon His works here.

I used this morning's opportunity to speak on "What makes a baptism Biblical?" We had an overflow crowd as the two mission churches came  together

for the very first time.

Ferdinand led the congregational singing.

Douninoma took up the offering.

Preaching on baptism