Pastor Tucker's Visit - October 29, 2006

The last Sunday the TEAM from Northeast Baptist Church was here, Pastor Tucker, Mary and I went to the Fundamental Baptist Church of Tanghin and then to the Fundamental Baptist Church of Boulwando for Pastor Tucker to have the opportunity to preach at these two small churches.

Arriving at 8 AM we begin to visit with Denis and solicit the villagers to attend our services.

(They were told, inadvertently, that we would be staying and visiting in Tanghin from 9 AM to 3 PM.)

The Naba graciously allowed us to meet under his large tree next to the road.

Dominike brought Rasinbanin with his, as is his custom, to assist in the services.

Here are a few pictures of the services in Tanghin.

We first went to Denis’ home to visit with him and his family.

Pastor Tucker preaching to the hand that was present this morning

Denis has been the most faithful member of this work since his salvation the second service a year ago. He has been asking about his baptism for some time. So, as we were baptizing last Saturday in Boulwando Denis came up to participate in the services and to follow the Lord in believers’ baptism. (This was also the first time Dominike performed a baptism.)

Denis’ family

Denis’ home

Pastor Tucker and Denis

Some of our visitors

A couple of the “vieux” (old men) who do not normally “assist” but because we were meeting at the Naba’s house, they stayed for the preaching.

Mary and the Naba, who has been a constant encouragement to us as we seek to plant a church among his village

Rasanbanin, a young convert from Boulwando who has been assisting Dominike in the services both at Boulwando and Tanghin, helping with the music

Pastor Tucker and his sister,

Mary, singing a special

The preaching was translated into two other languages; Pastor Tucker preached in English,

I translated into French and Dominike translated into Mooré.