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May 2007

February 10 - 14, 2007 our missions' director, Dr. Jon Konnerup, and the founder and director of Manna International, Bruce O'Neal, visited Burkina Faso. We were fortunate to have both of these men of God preach in our Dassasgo church and in our Institute. Here are a few pictures of this week:

Sunday, February 11, 2007 Dr. Konnerup preached in the Fundamental Baptist Church of Dassasgo. We had a great attendance; well over 120 people were present, with about half of these adults.

Beka had the Ladies Choral sing several specials.

Several of men decided to form a men's

choral for this special day.

Benoît receiving the offerings

During the services the congregation rose to greet Dr. Konnerup one by one

Dr. Konnerup preached on the meaning of "Taking up your cross daily." I translated into French and Paul translated into Mooré. (We need to preach in French, as we have several members who cannot speak Mooré, and we need to preach into Mooré because we have several members who cannot speak French

After the services the students wanted to have their picture with Dr. Konnerup.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007, Valentine's Day, Pastor Bruce O'Neal helped us to celebrate this day of love. Our church decided to have a very special day, complete with a drama presentation, special songs, and an afterglow complete with a Valentine's cake and refreshments. With the help of Mary, the members decorated the church very nicely. Pastor O'Neal gave a devotional to the participants. Here are a few pictures of this "fête."

Here is a part of the decoration that was scattered throughout the church.  On the table is our special Valentine's cake and punch prepared specially

for this evening's events.

Brother O'Neal started the services

with his devotional.

Ghislain performed the first "skit"

being the first independent, Baptist

missionary to leave Burkina to proclaim the gospel in the "regions beyond."

Several of the students participated in a drama centered on Burkina life and

the trials and tribulations of living for Christ as a family among unsaved

neighbors. This particular trial ended up with the anti-Christian getting

saved as a result of the testimony of the young Christian family. Here are

a few pictures of this drama presentation:

This was a short visit, but we were able to gain much fellowship with Dr.

Konnerup and Pastor O'Neal. We, as is the habit of Baptists, enjoyed the

fellowship around some good restaurants in town, visited several interesting

Ouaga sites, bowled at the new Ouaga bowling alley, and saw much of Ouaga

with expectations for the future among the missionaries here. It was an

encouraging visit for all of those involved.

Dr. Konnerup bowling

Mary preparing to bowl.



Eric (Harouna) KONSIMBO