Our Spring Semester 2005

We completed our second full year with eight students and

three full time teachers, and one part time teacher.

Our teachers were myself, missionary Keith SHUMAKER , national pastor/missionary André BAZIE and our part time teacher was my wife, Mary, who helped out with the music teaching.

Kieth Shumaker, Charlie Joyce, André Bazie and Mary Joyce

Our First Year

Student Photos


Fall Semester


Spring Semester


Student Photos


Fall Semester




Mary teaching at the Institute

Missionary Keith Shumaker teaching

National Pastor/Missionary André BAZIE teaching

Various pictures taken of the students in class

As a conclusion to the end of our school year, we held a dinner at our house for the students, teachers and their families. (Vincent BADO had already departed for his home due to his sickness. Timothée KABORÉ was sick and therefore neither he, nor his wife, Cita and their son could make it. Ésaîe OUÉDRAOGO and his wife Estelle came late due to transportation problems.) It was simply a time to wind down, prepare for the summer break and continue our relationship building with each other, as we begin preparations for the third year of the I.B.F.O.

Here are a few of the pictures of our dinner and afterwards:

Here are some pictures of the Fundamental Baptist Institute of Ouagadougou spring semester 2005.

André BAZIE, his wife, Estelle,

and daughter Grâce

Keith SHUMAKER, his wife Rebecca, and their two daughters,

Emily and Meredith